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Little Brawl of Bethlehem

Browsing around my favorite news sites, I came across this video:

At first, I was speechless.

Then, I got over that, and suddenly I felt overwhelmed with speech.

Initially, I got angry. These priests represent a faith (or, a sector of a faith) that I take rather seriously, and they’re turning it into a playground fight. They are supposed to be teachers, role models, and leaders, and with that kind of childishness they could influence many to either think that’s OK, or turn away from their faith.

Then, I got embarassed. The world is seeing this. Now, it seems like Christianity is ridden with priests who are either pedophiles or petty bar fighters. No wonder Christianity is in decline. Especially considering that this whole thing was a fight between denominations, in an area where Christian persecution is very common, it’s both sad and embarrassing to see these otherwise respected leaders bringing down what’s left of church of the Middle East and central Asia with their petty disagreements. And on Christmas, even.

Finally, after all of that, I had to check myself to see if I was worthy to cast the first stone. How many times have I wanted to throw a broom at another Christian? I would say, at bare minimum, most times I happen to catch a bit of Fox News. Back in the Harold Camping nonsense back in May, I probably would have felt right to just keep one with me at all times.

I had to wonder, how many times throughout history and today has God been able to “tune in” to various scenes in the world and see this very same thing? Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, the Israelites grumbling in the wilderness, the list goes on and on…. and that’s just what’s been captured in the Bible.

After this reflection (which took place over a full day), I watched the video again, and found myself feeling almost sympathetic. There we go again, crying out with our actions for the need of a Savior. Even our leaders? Yes, especially our leaders. Which is probably why we’ve been advised to pray for them.

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